Wednesday, 31 October 2012

3 Years Old

Okay, it's Anna Jane's turn.

Anna Jane turned 3 in the summer and is such a sweet, sensitive girl.

She likes to be just like her big sister. She is also a wonderful big sister and often can be found comforting and helping her little sister. AJ still enjoys Diego but also loves to watch Disney Fairies and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She enjoys playing with Playmobil, Disney Cars and her play Kitchen. AJ is very imaginative and loves role playing. She is much more relaxed about the clothing she wears and mainly likes to be comfortable and warm. She will usually join in with her sister's school and I have little "assignments" that she does. Mostly tracing letters but she is doing very well now and her colouring in is very much improved. AJ is a very funny girl when she wants to be, often doing funny voices and faces. She also gesticulates which adds to the comic affect. She is very thoughtful of others and loves to have cuddles. AJ is shy but when comfortable is a real chatterbox. She is also our "Daddy's Girl".
Favourites -
Colour: Blue and Red
Food: Chocolate, Pizza, Fish and Chips
Activities: Gardening, Baking, Crafts
Height: 2' 10"
Shoe Size: 8

Opening her presents

Ready for the day
She Chose to spend her birthday at Amazonia, indoor rain forest

Feeding fish at the indoor Rain forest
Anna Jane our sweet and precious munchkin. You bring such joy to our lives, we are enjoying watching  your caring nature grow and develop. We pray that wherever your life walk takes you and through all the changes that will come one thing will be constant, that God is with you guiding you always. We  LOVE YOU with a never ending, never giving up, always and forever love.